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Avista is organizing pilot training program with a flight academy which is Poland’s one of largest and most established JAA Flight Training Organisation based in Warsaw. Academy operates a fleet of four Cessna 152 aircraft, two Cessna 172 aircraft, a Piper Arrow and Piper Seneca aircraft.
Our professional courses are taught by Airline Pilots with years of experience. We are open for all from those who want to flight private through acrobatic flying pilots to those who want to be Airline Pilots.
Academy is equipped with certified Piper Seneca simulator and professional classrooms facility.


The shortest and most effective way to
 For professional pilot rope and find employment in the airlines shortly after its completion.

We have been trusted by  many customers.

At the school currently educates tens of people who chosen program 0-ATPL (A).

Duration training depends on the individual features Time Student Pilot and its individual skills and progress

In training. However, the whole process of training can be completed within one year, taking into account the implementation time necessary theoretical courses and
 practical. The program has been prepared and Based on Europe aviation regulations JAR-FCL and many years of experience of our staff training and consulted on a regular basis with representatives of leading airlines.

During this stage you will get Tourist Pilot license – PPL (A), the authorization to fly at night – VFR NIGHT
 permission to fly airplanes multi engine- MEP (L), right to for operating with limited visibility IR (A) . Commercial Pilot license CPL (A) and finish the theoretical training ATPL (A). raid total during the training may reach
250 hours. 0-ATPL (A) contains all necessary theoretical courses and training
 practical training aids, books,maps, landing fees, aircraft rental, instructor fee . Form of finance
 program, the date of its commencement,
 individual schedule of classes,
 accommodation, any help is always subject to individual agreements with student.



A candidate applying for a Private Pilot License (airplanes) PPL (A) must be! at least 17 year old.

  1. Medical class 2 (or higher 1)


  1. Individual theoretical training about 100 h from 9 subjects.
  2. Practical Training 45 H Consists of Five Stages!

– First stage – Circle Patern!

       – Second stage – new type of aircraft cessna 172 about 4h!

           – Third stage – principles of IFR flights about 5h with instructors!

       – Fourth stage – navigational flights VFR about 16 h witch 5h will be as a PIC!

       – Fifth stage – takes off and landings at the airports

  1. Exam for radio operator.
  2. Teoretical exam 9 subjects : Human performance, Air low, Operational procedurę, Aircraft general knowledge, General NAv, Flight planning, Principles of flight and performance, Meteorology, Communications.
  3. Submission of documents to ULC (Civil Aviation Authority), applaying for a licence
  4. Practical test, about 2h flight with examiner from ULC (Civil Aviation Authority)



Expected 10h as a Pilot in Command on the aircraft witch will be used for futher training:

-teoretical training about 8h

      -Practical training 5h on cessna 152!

Consists of:

     – Stage I – flight in circle patern and training zone!


     – Stage II- navigational flights VFR.




ATPL(A) ground course is dedicated for people who are thinking of a career of commercial

pilot and for those who want to expand their own aviation knowledge to a higher level, not

necessarily commercial. The course, in addition to the scope of ATPL(A) knowledge, provides

full range of expertise for CPL(A) and IR(A). After completing this course and successful

completion of examinations You can continue flying training in order to get above rating and



If you want to take the course must meet the following requirements:

     – You must be at least 17 years old,

     -Have at least lower secondary education or equivalent,

     -You must have at least PPL(A) licence,


Question Database and e-learning platform enables consolidation of the knowledge acquired on the course. This software allows generating tests from a database.

Students that enroll the ATPL theory course will receive 3 month online training after which there will be a 10 day classroom session in Warsaw Poland.

  1. PPL(A) license required to start .
  2. Teoretical ATPL(A) include IR(A) , CPL(A), ATPL(A), MCC(A)
  3. Theoretical training consists of:! about 120h
  4. Teoretical exam in ULC:!

– Human performance, Air law,Operational Procedurę, Radio Navigation, Aircraft General Knowledge, Aircraft Instruments, General Navigation, Flight Planning, Principles of Flight, Performance, Meteorology, Communiaction VFR and IFR, Mass and Balance.

The course includes:

– Online tutorials and presentations

– All necessay stagechecks to measure your progression

– 10 day theory classroom course at Flight Academy in Warsaw

– Online access to instructors for assistance and support -technical support

– Fees for all the 14 official exams, including 3 resits per subject



  1. Teoretical training 7h
  2. Practical training 8 h

Conssist of

– Stage I -circle patern flight and to the training zone 4 h!

– Stage II – circle patern flight and to the training zone with power asymmetry 4 h

3.Training takes place in conjunction with the training to CPL (A) *



  1. Required course theoretical ATPL (A) license entry from a knowledge of English and ICAO LVL 4
  2. Practical training , about 50h on multi engine aircraft, 38 h on symulator FNPTII
  3. 15h on multi engine aircraft Piper PA-34
  4. Practical test with ULC examiner, about 2h



  1. Training takes place in conjunction with training for MEP (L) *
  2. To start training needed 150 hours total flying time on airplanes. The issue of the license -200 hours total flying time of which 100 hours as pilot-in-command. Required completion of theoretical ATPL (A) raided 90 hours as PIC on Cessna 152
  3. Practical training – 15 h conssist of Cessna 152 :!

 – Stage first – training flights en route and flights with instrument 15 h

  1. Instrument rating 5 h FNPT II
  2. Practical exam with an examiner from ULC CPL+ MEP(L)



  1. Required 100h PIC
  2. Required PPL(A)licence and IR/ME
  3. Training

– Teoretical training – 25 h lectures!

– Practical training 20 h on full flight symulator



1.Theoretical training consists of 125 hours of lectures and exercises

  1. Practical training -about 30 h metodical flights and flight instructor exercises in 250 h
  2. Submition of documents to ULC – for entry permission to license.
  3. Practical exam abouth 2h with examiner ULC




  1. The examination includes checking the qualifications of the English language contained in the provisions of ICAO Annex 1 and ICAO Doc 9835
  2. An entry in a license is required to obtain the IR (A). Minimum Level 4 on a scale of 1-6
  3. Theoretical course preparing for the exam
  4. Exam – about 20 with examiner


ALL PROGRAM from 0 to ATPL(A) included  
-PPL -177 hours Cessna 152/172 -medical first and second year
-VFR Night -23 hours Piper Seneca III -18 months accommodation
-ATPL Groundschool -50 hours FNPTII simulator trainingMEP(L) – insurance
-ME/IR -all CAA theory and practical exam fees – headset, navigation computer
-English proficiency test -radio operating certificate -all theory books, rulers, maps-


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